is a 'Fresh Approach' to Traditional Hummus...

We create Tasty, Unique Flavors to be Enjoyed Anywhere, Anytime!

Launched in 2014 as a 'Fresh Approach' to Traditional Hummus -

Tasty, Unique Flavors that are Non-GMO, Preservative & Gluten Free.

​Our tasty, unique hummus flavors - Red Beet Garlic, Lemon Kale,

Sweet Pumpkin, Carrot Ginger and Spicy Buffalo.

​​Innovative Model - Our unique manufacturing process enables to create hummus flavors that 'DO NOT'

Require Refrigeration for Shipping, Storage or Enjoying!

Direct Model - As a forward-looking company our vision of retail is 'Online' for
consumers seeking specialty foods not found in traditional retail channels.